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HealthHero launches new Validium mental health website

Image shows a young female doctor in a white coat and a stethescope around her neck in faded black and white with the HealthHero logo and Validium logo superimposed
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HealthHero has announced the relaunch of its mental health specialist service, Validium, which includes a new website with bespoke illustrations and a more intuitive customer journey. Validium provides mental health support to over two million customers through employers and insurers.

Validium was acquired by HealthHero last year and say this new phase and new website presents a new identity that reflects Validium’s compassion and expertise. Their goal is to ensure their services are as informative and accessible as possible for all customers and users.

HealthHero launched its Silent Sufferers report in January, which looked at the impact the lack of availability – perceived or actual – of GP appointments during Covid-19 has had on people’s physical and mental health. It found that over 50% of those who have avoided making GP appointments since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic reported worsening mental health problems, and 66% reporting pain or discomfort as a result of not seeking advice and treatment.

Validium offers holistic help to support the mental health of employees, members and communities. It makes up a complete mental wellbeing service integrating several clinically proven counselling approaches, from everyday wellbeing support to more tailored help where necessary. Services include:

  • Mental Health Support programmes
  • Psychological Services
  • Critical Incident Management Services
  • Training, Resilience and HR Services

HealthHero CEO Ranjan Singh said: “The spotlight has turned onto mental health in recent years and since the Covid-19 pandemic the importance of proper support has become a major issue. We already have in place an excellent provider in Validium that can offer a range of services to employers and insurers in order to help their staff and customers. With this relaunch we have positioned Validium and HealthHero absolutely at the cutting edge of digital healthcare.”

HealthHero also previously acquired Virtual GP provider Medical Solutions, which rebranded as Health Hero last year and provides HealthHero’s range of services including mental health, musculoskeletal and other specialist clinical services.