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The leading Symptom Assessment tool 

A class-1 medical device that includes a symptom assessment, acuity monitoring, and referral router. Our tool outperforms nine of its global competitors on every primary criteria

We understand your needs

Increase your revenue through better user engagement, while reducing your cost and improving efficiencies

Increase Revenue
Reduce cost
Constant care
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Increase revenue through better customer engagement & loyalty

HealthHero Symptom Assessment has up to 75% adoption rate

90% of our users claim they would reuse the service

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Reduce unnecessary cost and improve efficiencies

Provide correct triage and direction to self-care tools or emergency and urgent care for 35% of unnecessary consultations

Symptom Assessment reports are available to clinician and allow to deliver higher quality consultation and reduce frustration of patients repeating themselves

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Instantly route users to a service directory of your choice

Real-time access 24 hours a day

Patients can be triaged immediately and given next steps without waiting for a clinician to assess their symptoms

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We design solutions based on your needs and challenges

The highest quality

Our symptom assessment tool is:
Best-in class

Our tool outperforms other solutions:
  • 90% Accuracy
  • 82% right first time triage
  • 95% Coverage of presented conditions
Experience and scale

Our experience speaks for itself:
  • 64+ million assessments delivered
  • 25+ years of experience

HealthHero’s 3-phased approach to Online Triage

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1.  Symptom assessment: What is wrong?

An assessment is made of the probable cause of symptoms, such as a broken leg, stye, sore throat, etc

Most symptom assessment tools stop at this point

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2. Acuity monitor: When do you need care?

Unlike other options on the market, our symptom assessment also provides acuity (the severity of the condition and when you should seek care). Providing the appropriate level of care within the most appropriate timeframe is our priority

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3. Referral router: Where is the best place to get care?

The best provider, such as a general practitioner, an emergency room, urgent, or self-care facility, is recommended 

With a single digital front door for accessing all of these services, customers are increasingly offered a bundle of services, including remote GP services and symptom assessments


Seamless integration

  • Integrate easily with clients' touchpoints as APIs or web components 
  • A modular feature integrated into the HealthHero PWA
  • You can configure this as an optional step before booking any clinical service
  • Customer-defined pathways are possible, subject to scope and commercials
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