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Strategic Partnerships

Enhance customer lifetime value and capture additional revenue streams

Take advantage of the growing self-pay market and increase your revenue by offering new,
digital first clinical services. Maximize customer lifetime value through a connected whole health approach

We understand your challenges

1. Differentiation

Growing self-pay market

Capitalise on the emerging self-pay market and offer new services such as lifestyle medications, health plans, health screening and more

2. Technology

Technology and data challenges

Tech stacks and purchase paths from multiple suppliers prevent from optimising customer lifetime value and improving consumer experience

3. Poor experience

Disjointed patient experience

Need for connected whole health propositions to drive lifetime value through a better use of analytics around consumer buying behaviour

We design solutions to solve your challenges and meet your specific needs

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Unified digital front door

We co-create a digital front door with our clients, reimagining By co-creating a digital front door with our clients, we are reimagining clinical pathways across GP services, physiotherapy, mental health counselling, and dietitian services

Insurers can use our platform to manage eligibility, dependents management, pre-authorisation, payments and co-payments for policy holders

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Interdisciplinary care
at scale

A scalable and growing base of more than 210 interdisciplinary clinicians consistently achieves high patient satisfaction, NPS of 72, and good clinical outcomes, Good CQC rating

Our GPs, mental health professionals, dieticians and physiotherapists provide over 500k consultations annually

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Proprietary EMR Store and Orchestration Capabilities

HFIR and HL7 protocols enable secure, patient-consent-based sharing of electronic medical records across the healthcare ecosystem with our proprietary EMR store and orchestration capabilities. Our seamless handover between primary and secondary care reduces claims costs by 25-40% as a result

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Form Filled Prescription

A clinically valid form filling and pre-approval process to ensure better customer experiences and high efficiency. We provide over 30 different treatments, including sexual health and lifestyle medications

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Best-in class clinical
products and services

Health Risk Assessment

With personalised HRA algorithms, you get a comprehensive assessment of your physical and mental health. Our tool gives actionable recommendations on how to improve your health and prevent diseases by suggesting blood tests, consultations and more 

Symptom Assessment

Provide single digital front door for accessing your service through our Symptom Assessment tool. Our Class-1 medical device includes online triage, acuity monitoring and referral router 

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Virtual GP Services

Consult with a doctor when you need to via video, phone, or message, combining digital convenience with accessibility to experienced healthcare professionals anywhere, anytime 

Allied Health Services

Provide high patient satisfaction and consistently good clinical outcomes through a scalable and growing team of interdisciplinary clinicians: 

  • Dieticians 
  • MSK specialists and physiotherapists 
  • Mental Health specialists incl. Counsellors, psychologists, CBT-therapists and more 
Form Filled Prescription

We cover over 30 different treatments including sexual health treatments and lifestyle medications. Our questionnaires are clinically safe and give patients the convenience of getting medication without booking or seeing a GP 

Chatbot App

Our comprehensive mental health and wellbeing services integrate several clinically proven counselling approaches and self-help tools to support your people, including: 

  • EAP 
  • Psychological services 
  • Wellbeing Training 
  • Critical incident management services  
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HealthHero difference

As part of our joint service design workshops and phased implementation, we reimagine clinical pathways using best-in-class digital tools and clinical excellence at scale

Clinical excellence at scale

Taking care of 7m+ people in the UK and Ireland enables us to handle large-scale operations or scale up new schemes at low costs 

The network effect allows us to ramp up to a run rate of more than 40k consultations per year in just three months 

Digital tools

Our digital tools include personalised self-care programmes embedded within clinical pathways 

To increase clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, we integrate self-care programmes such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, physiotherapy exercises or diabetes and menopause content into clinical pathways  

Workshops and phased implementation

We run joint service design workshops to reimagine clinical pathways, launch new products, and drive continuous improvement  

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GP’s within our network

What our clients say

We are committed to delivering an outstanding service to patients across all our locations. Working with HealthHero to provide 24/7 access to high quality, same day virtual GP appointments is us making good on that commitment.
Circle Health
We know that our patients are busy people, and that many now take a digital-first approach to their health. HealthHero helped us make it as simple as possible for people to gain the support they need when they need it.

Case studies

Manifestation of our how we can package together products and services

Circle Health
Well Pharmacy

Leading Private Hospital
in the UK

The Challenge

Alleviating GP wait time issues and faster referrals into own network of hospitals where required

HealthHero Solution

Virtual GP service delivered via an API

Working with HealthHero to provide 24/7 access to high quality, same day virtual GP appointments allows us to deliver an outstanding service

Leading Pharmacy chain
in the UK

The Challenge

Modernising and expanding digital offering, and improving patient experience. Client looking to streamline the process of getting asynchronous prescriptions as well as virtual GP service.

HealthHero Solution

Virtual GP service delivered via an API and a asynchronous Form Fill Prescription Service

Modernising and expanding digital offering, as well as improving patient experience. Well Pharmacy was looking to streamline the process of getting asynchronous prescriptions and extending its services to virtual GP consultations
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