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Support your team's wellbeing, with just £4.95 per employee, per month

87% of employees lack access to private medical insurance. Lack of access to medical and wellbeing support costs you 15% of your wage bill. Invest in digital first solutions to support your employees' mental and physical health and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

We understand your challenges

1. Poor performance

Employees perform poorly due to delayed access to healthcare

1 in 5 employees say delays in getting healthcare negatively impacted their work due to NHS GP wait times of 10 days on average

2. Cost pressure

Private medical insurance and cash plans are expensive

78% of employers cannot afford PMI or Cash Plans because PMI costs at least £500 per employee per year

3. Talent loss

Loss of talented candidates and the difficulty of recruiting

42% of workers quit their jobs because of burnout, while 44% demand more from their employers.

Meet Symbio

Whole-health support for happier, more resilient teams

With Symbio, all your employees have access to virtual consultations with GPs, Mental Health Counsellors and Physiotherapists along with preventative, personalised self-care

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Best-in class clinical products and services

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Virtual GP Services

Consult with a doctor when you need to via video, phone, or message, combining digital convenience with accessibility to experienced healthcare professionals anywhere, anytime 

Allied Health Services

Provide high patient satisfaction and consistently good clinical outcomes through a scalable and growing team of interdisciplinary clinicians: 

  • Dieticians 
  • MSK specialists and physiotherapists 
  • Mental Health specialists incl. Counsellors, psychologists, CBT-therapists and more 
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Our comprehensive mental health and wellbeing services integrate several clinically proven counselling approaches and self-help tools to support your people, including: 

  • EAP 
  • Psychological services 
  • Wellbeing Training 
  • Critical incident management services
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A health and wellness solution for 
the uninsured


In contrast to Cash Plans and Private Medical Insurance, our proposition fits into your budget for £4.95 per employee per month


24/7 same day appointments through a single app and access to anonymised, aggregated insights in our Manager Hub


Personalised self-guided programmes with clinical grade assessments via a chatbot and over 200 pieces of content to engage with

Joined up

Self-care programmes seamlessly combined with access to vast networks of GPs, Mental Health Counsellors and Physiotherapists 

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happier employees




Symbio adoption compared to a 30% average


engagement rate compared to other wellbeing apps

What our clients say

We hope Symbio will take us towards a more pointed, proactive wellbeing strategy, as well as ensuring our employees get access to the clinical professionals from HealthHero at a time when access to clinicians is tricky.
A&M Electricals
The highly effective way HealthHero equipped our managers with the ability to support staff facing personal challenges is helping us to better manage mental health related sickness.
Royal College of Nursing
With real-time analytics about which wellbeing topics our staff are engaging with most within Symbio, we are able to get ahead of issues of particular relevance to our staff which has helped shape our plan of wellbeing activities
University of Liverpool
With the information we will glean from the Symbio Hub, we will get a view of employee wellbeing that we have never had before.
A&M Electricals
We wanted to give our employees the tools to help them look after their health, on their terms with information personal to them. The fact we can do that through a single app like Symbio, has given us valuable insights for our wellbeing strategy.
University of Liverpool

Royal College of Nursing

The Challenge

Royal College of Nursing (RCN) discovered that issues of outside of work were hugely impacting its employees’ mental health. They decided to proactively help its workforce before stress and anxiousness started to impact their ability to attend or perform at work.

HealthHero Solution

HealthHero Assist provided a workshop: ‘When Home Comes into Work’ to assist managers to think creatively about how best to support their team members. In the event the individual needed to talk and get more emotional support, or specialist legal, financial or eldercare advice, the manager was shown how to proactively refer them to HealthHero Assist, for free professional support.

Employees now feel more supported than ever, which has had a positive impact on our business, enabling us to increase membership during a time of austerity


learned how to take an empathetic approach


said the support had stopped them going off sick


of the workforce used the support programme

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