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Our purpose

Simplifying Healthcare Improving Lives

We improve lives by leveraging technology to put medical advice from clinical experts into the hands of millions - no matter where, or when, they need it.

What we do

Clinical services

We provide digital-first healthcare to help businesses better meet the health and wellbeing expectations of their key people segments - from employees, to policy holders.

Provided 24/7 via phone, video call or online chat.


Virtual GP

Get unlimited, 24/7 access to highly experienced GPs, whether you're at home, work, on holiday - or anywhere in between.


Mental Health

From everyday mental wellbeing to critical incident support, we provide a complete integrated mental health service.


Aches and Pains

With experienced musculoskeletal practitioners available, we provide support and guidance for injuries, aches and pains.



Remotely access experienced consultants across medical specialities for support in diagnosis, advice and second opinion.


Meet Symbio

Whole health support for more resilient teams. Bringing care for both mind and body together into one streamline, intuitive digital experience.


Our expertise

We combine digital convenience with human expertise

HealthHero brings together the convenience of digital delivery with the expertise of highly experienced clinicians to provide access to healthcare at a time, place and device that suits the individual.

Built upon the two powerful pillars of technology innovation and deep healthcare expertise, we bring over 20 years’ experience in connecting people to remote clinical support.


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Our clients

Who we serve

HealthHero supports organisations across industries - from public sector to retail, insurance to utilities.


News & Resources

Latest updates

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