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Integrated healthcare services for next generation insurance

We provide comprehensive, configurable healthcare services to enable insurers to meet the digital expectations and healthcare needs of policy holders.

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How we help your organisation

From self-serve preventative tools to specialist referrals and prescriptions, HealthHero supports every step of your member’s healthcare journey.

Give your customers access to the comprehensive, high quality digital health services they demand.


Mental Health Services

We provide a complete mental health and wellbeing service, integrating several clinically proven counselling approaches to support your people - from everyday mental wellbeing needs to individual critical incident support where necessary.


Virtual GP

Our virtual GP service provides 24/7 unlimited access to GPs by video, phone, and message consultation, combining digital convenience with access to experienced healthcare experts.


Digital Front Door

Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform means less admin for our clinicians and more personalised care for people, directing them to the right care providers quickly and efficiently.



Keep your people in good physical health with musculoskeletal specialists and advisers who can provide support and guidance that enables early intervention and education.

Bespoke Solutions

The HealthHero team is dedicated to providing the best support possible to our partners, and that means working with you to identify and help you achieve your goals. Our digital solution can integrate fully or partly into your own platform depending on your needs – we have the technical team to build your bespoke technology solution.

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Find out more about how HealthHero's extensive clinical and wellbeing capabilities can help your organisation.

How it Works

Customisable App

With ready access to HealthHero’s easy-to-book GP services, our app can also be white labelled or co-branded, depending on your preference.

Open API
Thanks to our API-led approach, our services are fast to deploy and integrate fully or partially into your existing platform, depending on your needs.

Custom Solution
Need something specific? Our in-house technology team can help you pinpoint and deliver a bespoke solution to fit your specific business needs.


The HealthHero Difference


Preventative First

Put preventative health at the forefront with access to our online symptom checker and health risk assessment, putting your members in control of their health.


Digital Convenience

Enable your members to connect with experienced clinical experts - from GPs to mental health counsellors - quickly via phone, video call and live chat.


Specialist Services

Enhance your healthcare offering by providing your members with access to a wide range of specialist support, from open referrals to prescriptions - all at the touch of a button.


Network of Clinicians


Patient Satisfaction


Patients feel confident and trust the clinician

What our clients say

The GP service is consistently ranked by Benenden members as one of the most valued benefits of their membership in satisfactory surveys.

The GPs are highly experienced and always provide an efficient but empathetic service to customers.

We had high expectations, but happily the actual propositions exceeded those. If you use yourself as a yardstick – “what would you want for yourself?” then it absolutely fitted the bill.

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