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Building a better future for women in the workplace

From supporting those experiencing menopause to understanding external influences that cause barriers to success, it's vital that your organisation is taking action.

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Money and Mental Health: The impact on employees

Financial issues are at a peak point and employers need to find ways to mitigate the mental health risks. Experts from PayPlan and Validium deliver practical tips.


Being Drinkaware at Work: Why it matters

The link between alcohol, mental health and performance at work cannot be underestimated. Find out how to support your staff with expert resources.


Menopause Matters: Workplace support

Expert guests Dr Emma Southworth and Dr Natalie Summerhill discuss how best to support women in the workforce who are experiencing menopause.

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Occupational Burnout: Identification & prevention

Explore the concepts of pressure, stress and occupational burnout, the differences between these concepts and how to look out for the symptoms and signs of burnout.


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