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A virtual primary care ecosystem

Formed from a powerful combination of leading clinical businesses, HealthHero provides full spectrum primary care services, delivered through a suite of digital tools.

Serving businesses and individuals across Europe, we currently operate in: United KingdomGermanyRepublic of Ireland and France.

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Mental Health

We provide a complete mental health and wellbeing service, integrating several clinically proven counselling approaches to support your people - from everyday mental wellbeing needs to individual critical incident support where necessary.

Employee Assistance Programmes

We provide a complete mental health and wellbeing service, integrating several clinically proven counselling approaches to support your people - from everyday mental wellbeing needs to individual critical incident support where necessary.

Psychological Services

Tailored, patient-centric support on a longer-term basis, including services such as CBT, Fit For Work and pain management.

Critical Incident Management Services

Rapid response service delivered by trained teams to support individuals after a critical incident in the workplace, including trauma and life coaching.

Training, Resilience and HR Services

A wide variety of programmes from coaching to meditation designed to build awareness and resilience in your leaders, enabling them to better support their teams.


Virtual GP

Our virtual GP service provides 24/7 unlimited access to GPs by video, phone, and message consultation, combining digital convenience with access to experienced healthcare experts.

Flexible Consultation

From video or telephone consultations, to chat messaging for quick queries or routine appointments, access an experienced GP - anytime, anywhere.

Private Prescriptions and Fit Notes

Get private prescriptions for direct delivery or collection from a local pharmacy, alongside any consultation and fit note required for the workplace.

Second Opinions and Open Referrals

Consult a specialist for a second opinion, or where onward care is needed, get an open referral from a HealthHero clinician.

Health Information

Fast, easy access to the UK’s most comprehensive medical database, equipping your people with trusted, reliable health information.


Digital Front Door

Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform means less admin for our clinicians and more personalised care for people, directing them to the right care providers quickly and efficiently.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Enable your people to understand, monitor and improve their health over time with an in-depth assessment tool, created by clinical and technology experts with an algorithm based on the latest medical research.

Online Triage

Help people to find the most appropriate clinical support at a lower cost - from GP or musculoskeletal consultation to a prescription services - with a fast, easy-to-use triage tool.

Additional Services

With a multidisciplinary approach and a commitment to providing comprehensive health and wellbeing support, HealthHero brings together specialists across clinical disciplines to support your people.


Aches and Pains

Keep your people in good physical health with musculoskeletal specialists and advisers who can provide support and guidance that enables early intervention and education.


Other Specialists

From experienced GPs, pharmacists, mental health clinicians and MSK practitioners, HealthHero experts are on hand to support in diagnosis, advice and second medical opinion.


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