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Ranjan Singh joins Sifted to discuss the new world healthtechs face

As investors react to wider instability and pivot from growth at all costs, to a new focus on imminent profitability.

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CEO and Co-Founder, Ranjan Singh talks to Maddyness

Ranjan Singh talks to Maddyness about connecting the public with healthcare professionals and exploring new areas of care.

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HealthHero described as a 'success story' in

HealthHero is described as a 'success story' in the sector off the back of a finance round for Numan.

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Lifting the lid on HealthHero's business goals for 2022

CEO and Co-Founder, Ranjan Singh, speaks to Tech Funding News about HealthHero's goals, including new propositions and services lines for 2022.

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HealthHero CTO, Richard Haigh, discusses AI with Health Tech World

The potential of technologies such as AI in healthcare is huge, if we can get it right. AI should be used to augment, not replace GPs.

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CEO & Co-Founder, Ranjan Singh, speaks at the Giant Health event

Ranjan Singh joins Kamet Ventures and Albion VC on a panel discussing Scaling Health Tech Across Markets.


HealthHero expands European reach with its acquisition of Qare

HealthHero acquires French telemedicine provider Qare, making HealthHero the largest telehealth provider in Europe.


HealthHero acquires Irish direct to consumer telehealth provider MyClinic

HealthHero's acquires MyClinic giving the company a direct offer to patients in the country.

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HealthHero launches telehealth platform and acquires Fernarzt

The new service will let patients communicate with general practitioners, mental health clinicians and specialists.

How to improve mental health in the workplace
May 17, 2023

How to improve mental health in the workplace

Reading time: 5 mins

Did you know that investing in employee mental health has a 500% ROI? Here’s how to improve mental...

Why your company should promote Mental Health Awareness Week
May 15, 2023

Why your company should promote Mental Health Awareness Week

Reading time: 7 mins

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week runs from the 15th to the 21st of May, and your company...

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Customer Success
May 15, 2023

HealthHero partners with Circle Health Group to provide virtual GP service

Reading time: 1 min

HealthHero has partnered with Circle Health Group, the UK's largest private hospital group.