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Symbio by HealthHero: more than a digital wellbeing app

Symbio by HealthHero: more than a digital wellbeing app
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Workplaces are investing more into their wellness initiatives to increase their resilience. Yet, still only 15 percent of employees describe the health-related benefits offered by their employer as ‘excellent.’

Employees expect their employers to care for their mental and physical wellbeing, and respect the link between them.

To be classed as excellent, you have to take a holistic, employee-friendly approach.

Holistic wellbeing for the new everyday

Organisations are on the hunt for a way to bring their wellbeing strategies to life, especially in an increasingly hybrid working environment.

With such a strong connection between physical and mental health, a holistic approach to wellbeing is important. Employers don’t want to juggle multiple third-party apps to cover all their bases. It’s not practical and it makes employees less engaged with their health. They need a one-stop platform that caters for both body and mind, providing what organisations want and what employees need.

From our research with HR professionals, they made it very clear that a wellbeing platform needs to:

  • Consider holistic health needs - mental, physical and lifestyle.
  • Provide solutions that work for their hybrid working environment.
  • Suggest preventative health measures to stop employees getting sick.
  • Enables support for episodic health conditions like depression, multiple sclerosis or diabetes.
  • Be a one-stop-shop for their wellbeing needs.
  • Give high ROI and drive improvement in wellbeing strategies.
  • Be a service their employees will want to use.
  • Replace or work seamlessly with other wellbeing partners.

So how can employers cover everything with one intuitive wellbeing platform? Introducing Symbio.

What is Symbio?

Symbio is a digital wellbeing platform and smartphone app that brings together mind and body care into one streamlined, augmented experience.

It simplifies health and wellbeing provisions for busy HR teams by equipping their employees with everything they need to take care of their health. It’s not just a mindfulness app or a symptom checker, it’s a whole health manager.

Symbio puts your people first, with intuitive features:

  • Accessible clinical support. Symbio ensures your people have fast access to verified and experienced clinical professionals to help them with any and all medical problems. From remote GP consultations to mental health counselling. The easy, in-app booking flow cuts out consultation wait-times. And employees can view and manage their appointments from a single place.
  • Clinically validated content. Symbio’s vast library of digital resources are all validated by medical professionals. They provide science-based, self-therapeutic content tailored to the individual's needs. This encourages your employees to foster positive, healthy behaviours to improve their holistic wellbeing.
  • Personalised experience. If employees want a more personal touch, they just need to speak with the Symbio chatbot. It provides content full of recommendations and support that will help with their specific mental and physical issues.
  • Tools to feel better, faster. Symbio helps your people understand their current wellbeing levels through regular assessments and lays out improvement plans to get them back on track. The app then recommends activities and resources to help them reach their goals.

For your people

Symbio provides a seamless digital wellbeing experience, wherever your employees are. This is especially important when you consider that 24 percent of hybrid workers said that new ways of working increased their stress levels. Adapting your wellness programmes to meet the needs of hybrid workers is critical, and Symbio can help you do it.

Symbio’s design encourages your employees to care for their wellbeing on their terms and on their timescale. All they need is their Android or iOS device and Symbio will give them:

  • A whole health score. Symbio provides a health score for each employee that gives a full picture of their health, based on their personal data. Seeing their score increase helps employees recognise that small lifestyle improvements can have a positive impact on their wellbeing.
  • Engaging and dynamic content. Validated by HealthHero’s clinical team, Symbio’s enriching content is information your employees can trust. The content format encourages self-improvement with actionable data insights.
  • Personalised pathways. Symbio recognises the diverse health and wellbeing needs of your employees. Regardless of what they need from their wellbeing support, Symbio can accommodate them with personalised pathways for specific needs like pregnancy advice.
  • Unlocking on-demand medical services. Symbio connects you with a network of verified experts to help your staff.

For your organisation

Symbio seamlessly supports your wellbeing strategy by giving your HR teams actionable insights based on measurable data. The one-stop platform is the perfect replacement for outdated on-paper resources.

Symbio can help you move towards your internal wellbeing goals by:

  • Find out what’s working with insights into your employees’ usage and wellbeing. With the Symbio Hub, you can bulk upload user info and rollout the app effectively with the digital launch toolkit.
  • Streamlining your wellbeing stack. Say goodbye to juggling too many wellbeing resources. Symbio is one comprehensive tool, ready to support both body and mind.
  • Dig deeper into your organisation’s wellbeing. Segment wellbeing insights based on factors like team and location to understand the specific wellness needs of every part of your business.

But that’s not all. There’s more on the horizon for Symbio.

Help your business thrive

Symbio is the right choice to revolutionise your wellbeing strategies. Especially if you’re like the 70 percent of HR professionals that have employee wellbeing on their agendas.

By streamlining your wellbeing programmes down to one platform, you’re providing a holistic experience for your employees that covers everything they’ll need.

Ready to see Symbio in action? Discover how Symbio could help your business perform better by booking a demo today.

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