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Co-op able to support 25% of the staff back to work during COVID-19

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We spoke with Ellie Ryan, Logistics Attendance Lead at Co-op and Paul Caudwell, Health Wellbeing Manager, Co-op

HealthHero has worked in partnership with the Co-op since November 2017, providing a 24/7 GP service to their Logistics, FuneralCare and Support Centre colleagues. Within the eligible employees at the Co-op, 360 members of the Logistics Division were off work due to shielding during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. These colleagues contacted the HealthHero GP service and consulted with an experienced doctor about their particular circumstances. As a consequence of the expert advice received, 25% of these colleagues were able to return to work immediately, which saved considerable costs in extended and unnecessary absence.

What were the objectives and your expectations?

“The main objective was to provide our colleagues with additional means of support when seeking medical advice was a barrier to them. This would help them in returning to work or discussing a health issue that, due to pressure on the NHS, was difficult to resolve. The service could also help colleagues that are abroad or are not registered with the NHS.I expected good customer experience and responsive service but also strong account management and supporting MI to show themes, trends and support decision making.”- Ellie Ryan, Logistics Attendance Lead at Co-op

What were the results?

“No one had planned for the pandemic and we were in a stronger position to support our colleagues by already having HealthHero onboard.HealthHero were able to advise Co-op employees when access to doctors and GPs was nearly impossible. In addition, they’ve supported us by assessing who may be vulnerable and need to shield over and above the NHS letters.With the information provided, we were able to support 25% of the colleagues back to work, with social distancing. Supporting considerable savings and boosting productivity in a difficult time.” – Ellie Ryan, Logistics Attendance Lead at Co-op

What do you think your employees most value in the HealthHero service?

“The responsiveness and the 24-hour nature of support. Most colleagues found the service useful and efficient with minor issues which our Account Manager, always resolved speedily.HealthHero is always willing to go the extra mile where possible to support us on what we need and available to discuss our needs openly and honestly.”- Ellie Ryan, Logistics Attendance Lead at Co-op

“Using the HealthHero service has been revelatory; no longer do you have to wait days or weeks for a simple GP consultation. It’s quick, convenient and with great customer service; what more could I ask for?”- Paul Caudwell, Health Wellbeing Manager, Co-op

The figures

  • The GP service was solely responsible for helping 70 of the 86 employees return to work.
  • All employees full time at 40 hours per week, with an average hourly wage of £13.
  • All 70 employees avoided at least 6 weeks of shielding time following consultations with HealthHero GPs.
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