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Take care of your employees over Christmas

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With office Christmas parties approaching, cards are being signed, Secret Santa gifts are in secretive packaging tied up with bows. Anticipation can be high; however, employee motivation is usually lower. During wintertime, energy levels dip, eating and drinking habits are generally worse, people contract colds easily, and winter darkness can impact mood.

However, studies show that companies that reward their staff over the festive period see an increase of 50% in productivity levels when they returned in the New Year. In this blog we review the ways you can support employees over the Christmas period.

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Christmas is not always the joyous time of the year.

When the holiday season is in full swing it can be difficult to remember that Christmas can be difficult for staff. Stress levels are often high as many of us negotiate family politics, the financial implications of the holiday season whilst trying to stay on top of workload. The season can be particularly difficult for those who have lost a loved one.

Short or longer-term benefits?

Most companies tend to offer short-term benefits during Christmas time such as Christmas parties, retail vouchers and bonus. According to CIPD reward management survey, the most common benefit is a Christmas party with 60% of employers providing one to their employees.

Research published by Shine Workplace Wellbeing in December 2018, shows that UK employers spend on average £86.44 per head on office Christmas parties. However, three-quarters of staff prefer their employers to invest money in their ongoing health and wellbeing instead of splashing cash on a Christmas party.

Employee Benefits UK interviewed different companies in the UK on the use of Christmas incentives to engage staff. They all agreed that during December and January people are more likely to suffer from physical and mental health issues and employers could do more to support staff and their work performance.

Image shows a gathering of people from above holding wine glasses

What to offer during Christmas time?

For over 20 years, we have provided 24/7 private GP consultations so you and your employees can speak to an NHS practising GP over the phone or via video consultation from the comfort of your own home. Where necessary, employees can have private prescriptions issued and the medication delivered to their home or place of work. Therefore, employees don’t need to take time off work to wait for a GP appointment.

Specialising in B2B solutions, we have learnt a lot about what employees need from everyday healthcare over the years. We understand when you or a loved one is unwell; you want certainty and reassurance. Therefore, with HealthHero, you will always speak to a person, whether it’s 11am or 3am, 365 days a year.

Offer something invaluable to your employees this Christmas.

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