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Simplifying Healthcare. Improving Lives.

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HealthHero is thrilled to share a new and defined purpose to encapsulate our company culture and values, our products, markets we enter, and customers we serve. 

‘Simplifying Healthcare. Improving Lives’. 

Everything we do at HealthHero is guided by our strong belief that by simplifying healthcare, we can improve billions of lives.  

HealthHero brings together human expertise and digital convenience, providing remote access to doctors and expert clinicians directly to the hands of millions of people, no matter where or when they need it. 

CEO Ranjan Singh explained: “We are making it very seamless for the end user to access medical professionals through the tools that we bring, and we are also making the outcomes more consistent through the symptom checker or health risk assessment. This starts taking some human variability out of the equation. On the provider side, we don’t believe one size fits all. You don’t always need to speak to the professional in person, so we’re fundamentally catering for or solving lack of capacity and making it more efficient. HealthHero is simplifying how healthcare is delivered, and in turn, we are genuinely improving lives by giving users seamless access to medical help.”

 The new company purpose has an operational element, which drives people to do things in a simple manner. On the other hand it has an emotional engagement because not many other  industries have so much societal impact and social impact, which is really improving lives. We feel the juxtaposition between the operational and emotional elements work really well. As HealthHero is dealing with healthcare delivery and simplifying things relentlessly, our purpose acts as simple guiding principle or a compass. 


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