Health Risk Assessment 

Give people the power to assess their own mental and physical health – and the tools to improve it over time. 

Preventative care reduces costs  

Preventative health tools improve long-term health for users, while increasing revenue and reducing costs for organisations and insurers. 

Reduce Cost
Increase Revenue
Proactive Care
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Empower customers 

Patients feel empowered when they use tools to improve their health. Our HRA tool is easy and intuitive to use. Happy customers stay with providers for longer. 

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Increase revenue in the wellbeing market 

 Tap into the growing wellness and prevention market by attracting patients interested in becoming the healthiest version of themselves. HRA can open up opportunities to cross-sell personalised services including diagnostics, screening, weight loss, nutrition, counselling, vaccinations, supplements and more.

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Improve population health 

 Get a clearer view of the health of your 'population' groups, with insights into specifics like how many patients need smoking cessation advice or cholesterol blood tests. Through HRA you can calculate the risks of developing specific conditions by a particular age, and suggest preventative tools. 

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Simple solutions, actionable results 

Actionable recommendations 

HRA drives revenue through recommending services e.g. blood test or consultation

Physical and mental health assessment 

HRA calculates eight disease risks and eight wellbeing scores. 

Flexible integration 

API, React Component and Occupational health benefits platform can be easily and flexibly integrated. 

Quantitative risk score 

Personalised percentage risk of developing certain conditions by certain ages. 

The power to prevent 

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Clinical grade questionnaire 

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) tool begins by asking about ethnicity, family, medical history, exercise habits, lifestyle habits, diet and nutrition, and more. Risk models and recommendations are based on the latest medical evidence, research and guidelines.  


Lifestyle and wellbeing score 

HRA also looks at lifestyle and wellbeing factors, including diet, stress, fitness, sleep, mental health, prevention and screening, to give patients a score. 

Health age  

Based on the questionnaire, HRA provides a 'health age': a quantified insight into the user's health and wellbeing.  

Health risks 

The tool also evaluates the chances of developing diseases such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancer. 

Personalised changes 

HRA gives the user evidence-based, personalised actions that can help to improve their Health Age. For example, if they quit smoking they could reduce their Health Age from 38 years to 35 years. 

Report for patient and clinician 

A full report is sent to both user and clinician. It covers personalised health risks (e.g. bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke risk) plus lifestyle recommendations (e.g. diet, stress, habits, fitness, sleep, screening and more).  

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